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Zero Power Nuclear Reactors, A step to a Sustainable Future Energy

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Imagine an advanced nuclear technology to turn the burden of spent fuel into an asset, energy without requiring expensive reprocessing technologies. This innovative approach will reduce the waste challenge and create a tremendous net-zero energy resource for future generations. Keep reading to find out what we are currently working on.

Image by Mick Truyts
Image by Nejc Soklič
Image by Taras Shypka

About the Project

iMAGINE is the next generation nuclear technology that is ready to eat the spent fuel and waste of others and create a sustainable energy that enables net-zero in the 21st century

Project Team

Meet the team of scientists, academics, and professionals working on this breakthrough technology

Knowledge Hub

Review the latest insights into our Project, including free issue links, our publications, news and events.

News and Updates

Interview of Mr Evan Bolle-Jones (Chair of Midlands Branch of the Nuclear Institute) with Prof Bruno Merk (Principal Investigator of iMAGINE project)
about iMAGINE Project concepts, challenges and future. 

June, 8th 2022                                                                       No.  1

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